Matty & Linzi

Last October, I had the privilege of being the wedding photographer at one of Devon's finest venues, Tunnels Beaches with my assistant, Joe. It was a very successful day of work - a fantastic wedding, wonderful staff & incredibly hospitable friends & family of the bride & groom.

On a personal level, it had it's ups & downs - shooting at a venue I've wanted to shoot at for so long, but they day came at great cost to my equipment! The cost of my shiny Sony A9, my new Godox V860II flash & my beloved Tamron 28-75mm lens, to be exact. It wasn't the happiest drive home, I will admit. Shoutout to PolicyBee though, my insurers - everything ended up resolved within a few weeks, actually with some upgraded equipment in the end!

Enough rambling - here are some of my favourite shots from the day!