Let's make this happen!

Please read this before filling out the form below. As a wedding photographer, having a connection with yourselves as a couple is everything. It is the catalyst for a great experience for us all - and avoids any awkwardness. You need to be comfortable, I need to feel like a guest. The result? Amazing photos for you to cherish for decades to come!

I know the form below may seem a bit long - but trust me, it's worth it. I don't have email templates or autoresponders - I receive your enquiry and write out the response tailored to you. So the more information I have, the better the info I can provide. After you send this enquiry I will get back to you via email within a few hours, maybe even minutes.

You can call me on 07482 317 194, email erron@erronrussell.co.uk, schedule a video call or fill the form in below to get started.

What happens next?

I. You Enquire

You’ve searched near & far and realised I could be the solution to your wedding needs...

II. We Chat

I respond to your enquiry quickly with a quote, we chat on the phone, over email or text...



III. We Get Booked In!

You agree I am the best option to help your wedding, we mutually sign a contract, you pay a 15% deposit... Then you are officially on my calendar and you can tick 'Photographer' off your checklist!


IV. The Fun Begins

As we wait for your big day, we are in regular contact to make sure all of our ideas can be planned and executed perfectly!