Nestled in the picturesque charm of Polpier & Penpol in Mevagissey, Josh and Casey's wedding day unfolded like a dream against the backdrop of coastal beauty. As a wedding photographer, capturing their love story was an absolute joy. The quaint Cornish setting served as a romantic canvas for their celebration, with every moment reflecting the couple's unique connection.

The ceremony, bathed in the soft hues of the coastal sunset, witnessed heartfelt vows exchanged against the rhythmic sounds of the ocean waves. Josh, in a stylish suit, and Casey, in an ethereal gown, radiated happiness. The lush gardens and historic architecture of Polpier & Penpol provided a timeless backdrop for their portraits, creating visual poetry that mirrored the depth of their love. As the day unfolded, it became clear that Josh and Casey's union was not just a wedding; it was a beautifully crafted love story painted on the canvas of Mevagissey's enchanting landscapes.